Top 7 List of the Biggest Mistakes Writers and Authors Make and What to Do Instead

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So what do you want in 2014? Aside from the usual, “I’m going to lose weight and get fit” resolutions, is this the year you are finally going to get that book written? Statistics suggest some 82% of Americans want to write a book, yet many never actually do it. Why? Or maybe you’re one of the few who is in the middle of writing it. Will you complete it in 2014? How about during the first quarter? And if you’re one of the elite, proactive doers who has completed writing a book, is 2014 the year you’re going to get out there and promote it?

Consultants, coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs and others can benefit from a book in so many ways. Being an author puts you in a whole new arena. It marks you as an expert and your book can be your new calling card. It all sounds good, right?

But maybe you’re waiting for the right time.

I’ve got news for you. It’s never the right time. You’re never going to feel, “Ah Ha! Eureka! I am inspired. Now I will write my book. Now I will get out there and promote it.” It is a decision that has to be made, and it’s entirely up to you.

The problem is that it’s difficult to make a decision when you’re not even sure what questions to ask. How can you know what is going to be the best decision for you? I mean, there are lots of different ways to publish now, and there are tons of “experts” out there who will tell you they can help you, but how do you know who can really help you? What is the best situation for you? How do you decide?

Step #1: It begins with knowing what you ultimately want to have happen regarding your book.

As a book publicist, I can’t tell you how many people come to me after they have published only to discover that based on their goals and objectives, they’ve made the wrong publishing decision. Instead, they made inappropriate choices that are now going to cost them time and money and a lot of frustration. Or while writing it, they didn’t consider how they were going to promote it and later discovered that a sponsorship they wanted wasn’t possible.

It doesn’t have to be this way. After seeing this scenario repeat itself over and over again, I am on a mission to help people. I want to reach coaches and business people on the front end of this decision-making process rather than afterward. So, I have compiled a Top 7 List of the Biggest Mistakes Writers and Authors Make…and What to Do Instead. It’s a complimentary webinar that I’m going to present three times during this week, and you’re welcome to attend.

Join me. It will save you time, money, and frustration by helping you to make the right decision on the front end so that you’re free to reap the rewards of being a published author.

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