Book Publicity and Marketing for the Month of October

I love the month of October. The leaves are changing color, you start to feel that autumn crispness in the air, and it’s time to pull out all the cozy sweaters and boots. It’s also time to clean up the garden, and of course, there is Halloween to anticipate.   It’s time to take a…

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The One Question Media is Always Asking About You

Now that I’m reviving my podcast, I’ve been interviewing many media insiders about their work and media in general. It’s one of my favorite subjects and I’m always interested in how things are changing. Media tip for the day:  There is one question every media person has on his or her mind when they hear…

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Tips for Successful Book Talks, Events, and Signings

Publishing houses scaled way back on traditional book tours for numerous reasons, not the least of which is because bookstores themselves are disappearing, and also because travel can be expensive and time-consuming. Unless you are a celebrity, a book tour is simply unlikely unless you set it up yourself. The good news is that there…

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