Influencer Marketing & Publicity for Books and Authors: Don’t Get Hung up on the Numbers

This is a big one.   Quick review: I wrote a piece recently called 5 Tips to Help you Get Better Results with Influencer Marketing. You’ll find it here.   Since then, I’ve been taking each of the 5 tips and building on it, beginning with Tip #1, which is knowing what you want. Tip…

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Influencer Marketing & Publicity: What Do You Want?

I recently wrote a blog post called 5 Tips to Help You Get Better Results with Influencer Marketing, which summaries pretty well how to get the results you’ve identified.   In today’s post, I want to break down one of those tips and give you more detailed information about it.   Tip #1: What do…

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Do You Read?

It’s a funny question to ask writers and authors because of course they do! (Ask authors if they write articles and guest posts and often it’s a different story though — even though they write books.)   Readers have many things in common: We can’t walk out of a bookstore without buying some treasure (Usually).…

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