As we venture into the New Year, already six days deep, many hold fast to their New Year’s resolutions. In this season of goal-setting, it’s essential to consider the less-trodden path of “un-goals.” This concept, though unconventional, holds equal weight, and we are doing this through the lens of books, publicity, and marketing.

Un-goals are the choices we make about what NOT to pursue as we acknowledge the preciousness of our time and resources. They aren’t about self-imposed limitations; rather, they’re about gaining clarity and purpose. For example, is it really necessary to be on every social media channel out there, or does it make more sense to identify the most important ones for you and your book? By identifying what doesn’t align with our deepest values and ambitions, including what channels we don’t particularly like or our audience isn’t on, we can direct our energy towards endeavors that truly matter.

In a culture that often pressures us to constantly achieve, un-goals serve as a compass for setting healthy boundaries, avoiding burnout, and nurturing a sense of true fulfillment. Isn’t this an important part of life? I think so. Un-goals guide us away from paths, activities, or habits that don’t resonate with our inner truths, steering us toward a life of intention and mindfulness. This practice shapes not only our personal existence but also our professional path with genuine purpose and authenticity.

In my journey, I’ve embraced a liberating approach, diverging from the conventional pursuit of structured, rigid goals. To me, the standard S.M.A.R.T. goals model feels restrictive and counterintuitive, creating undue pressure and resistance. My philosophy celebrates simplicity, positivity, and the beauty of the journey itself.

This method is straightforward yet impactful: You focus on the accomplishments along the way, rather than fixating on an overwhelming list of tasks in front of you. This shift in mindset is transformative, allowing you to savor each achievement, thereby fueling your drive and passion for further accomplishments. In my case, whether it’s drafting a new speech, creating the perfect media strategy for a client, preparing a podcast pitch, or coordinating interviews, I honor each milestone, which creates a cycle of positive reinforcement and continued growth.

It isn’t about rigid goal-setting, but about fostering a mindset of openness and possibility. It begins with a review of the past year, followed by a practice of reflection—not as a task but as a delightful exploration of the present. This isn’t about quieting thoughts, but about observing them and being grateful, while remaining receptive to inspiration.

From this place of gratitude and calm, envision the future. What do you wish to create for yourself and the world? Attention to “inspired thoughts and actions” becomes key, capturing these as they arise. These are the seeds of ideas born from a state of joy and alignment.

I invite you to adopt this mindset. It doesn’t matter that we are one week into the New Year. Start today. Move away from the stress of traditional goal-setting and embrace a space of joy and flow. Become a creator of your own dreams. Embrace the present and the wonders you can bring into being. It certainly feels a lot better than the stress of riding yourself because you weren’t perfect today. How is that helpful?

Imagine living each day of 2024 with this philosophy. The possibilities are limitless, and the path is yours to forge. Here’s to a year of joy.

To your success!


P.S. It’s Time! Let’s go!








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