When it Come to Book Publicity and Marketing, You Must Trust the Process

Trust.   You have to trust the process.   If you are an author promoting a book, then you must embrace trust as you lay the groundwork for your publicity and marketing campaigns. You must have trust in yourself, trust in the process, and trust in the person helping you to spread your message. You…

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Book Marketing and Publicity for the Month of July

Happy July! Summer officially began with the Summer Solstice on June 21, and it’s now almost the Fourth of July. What comes to mind when one thinks of July?  Let’s see…BBQ’s, mosquitoes (and how to get rid of them), sun screen, boating on the lake, river or ocean, and summer vacations! Here are some other…

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Book Marketing and Publicity Countdown Checklist Part 3

As I’ve said many times before, marketing and publicizing a book can be daunting because of all the choices you have on how to best go about it. Plus, there is conflicting advice out there, so how do you know what you’re reading is good advice for you? Good question. I can’t tell you how…

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