What Authors Should Wear for an On-Camera Television Interview

On-camera television interviewer

I did a media training session for several clients this week who are very interested in doing on-camera interviews on television. On-camera interviews are very visual so you want to do everything you can to make sure you look good and what you wear helps you sell your message.

After all, you can use those clips in so many ways beyond the show itself. You will have it available for use on your website, on your social media channels, in your emails that you sent out, particularly your newsletter, and as a clip you can offer to other earned media when booking more shows. No one has to take a chance anymore; the media will want to see how you look on television before they, too, decide to book you.

Tips on what to wear and what not to wear

Yes: Solid colors are preferred and just remember that everyone looks good in some shade of blue.

Consider keeping the focus on your face and wear cool colors, pastels or neutrals.

Yes: Make sure you look professional and credible. This means dressing in an appropriate way as you would for an important occupation such as speaking or giving a presentation.

No: Forget the jeans, sweats, and t-shirts.

No: Stay away from busy patterns, black, white, and green. Busy patterns can create a distorted look. Black next to your face tends to make you look older. White looks exceptionally bright on camera and can wash you out, although technology is getting better and white isn’t the problem that it used to be. As for green, if there is a green screen used, any part of you wearing green will disappear.

Dangly jewelry that might hit your microphone or get caught in your hair.

Tousled hair. It may look fantastic at the beach, but not so much on camera.

Bottom line

A good rule of thumb is to wear something others have complimented you on. Don’t wear something brand new in case it pulls or bunches. Nothing worse than being distracted by one’s clothes in the middle of an interview. If you follow these tips, you will feel good and look great during your on-camera television interviews.

To your success!


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