What is a Media Darling?

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Things are getting very exciting around here as my book, Media Darling: Shine Through Every Interview, is now with the editor. I thought it would be fun this week to share a little from my book and explain what exactly a media darling is and later, what a media darling is not.

What Exactly Is a Media Darling?

There are fundamentals to being a Media Darling that will apply to everyone in every situation. The fundamentals are called that for a reason, by the way. Learn them. Know them. Absorb them. Practice them.

Here is an acronym that spells out the ideal attitude of a Media Darling:

M – Motivated. A Media Darling is motivated to share the message with those who will benefit from it, and therefore motivated to do what it takes to land the interviews.

E – Energized. When being interviewed, most people do not express enough energy. It is way too low. A Media Darling is enthusiastic about his sage and it comes across. Otherwise, how can you expect others to feel that way?

D – Directed. They know the direction of an interview, how to bring it back when it goes off track, and how to tee up the next question so as not to make the host do all the work.

I – Interesting. Don’t be boring.

A – Attitude. It is everything. Now and then things will go wrong. (See the chapter on surprises.) How you deal with that determines how others see you.

D – Determined. It is work to pitch and land interviews. Then you must deliver well, too. It takes determination to keep going.

A – Amiable. Who doesn’t prefer friendly people? There are enough grouches and prima donnas in the world. Do not be one of them.

R – Relatable. If the audience hearing your message can not relate to what you are saying, you might as well stop doing interviews. A Media Darling is relatable.

L – Lightness. Even when covering a serious subject, don’t take yourself too seriously.

I – Illuminating. The job of a Media Darling is to enlighten the audience.

N – Nimble. A Media Darling is flexible and able to pivot, no matter what comes up in an interview.

G – Giving. A Media Darling is generous, and does not hold back good information. They share as much as they can in the time allotted. Do this and the audience will think, “That person shared so much here. Imagine how much is in the book!”

It is time to embrace becoming a Media Darling, and a big part of that is taking every opportunity that comes your way and deliberately shaping it in the direction you want to go. Skills that we aren’t born with include: knowing how to formulate a fabulous interview, pitching media, staying cool and confidently handling surprises, dealing with feelings about others doing better, understanding media etiquette, allowing your charisma to shine through, and knowing how to deliver great interviews. However, these are skills that one can develop, and having them will make all the difference in the world, helping you become successful.

Attributes of a Media Darling

  • makes it all seem easy and effortless
  • easy to work with so he or she gets invited back to be on the show
  • creates great content for their own media channels
  • knows how to be exceptional on other platforms
  • makes the host look good
  • thinks like an editor or producer and knows the culture of the show or publication prior to pitching them
  • appropriately presents themselves, is genuine and authentic, and is at their very best
  • understands various platforms and how to work with them
  • is a great guest, delivers a great interview
  • finds, reaches out to, and appropriately pitches media
  • is unique in their approach, and
  • can poke fun at themselves in an endearing way.

In this day and age, those interviews stick around, so regardless of what happens, you want to put forth your best, and you want to make sure you’re called upon again in the future.

Next week: What a Media Darling is not. Be sure to read this one when it’s available.

To your success!


P.S. When you’re a Media Darling, you’re the one that they want.






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