The Number One Thing Experts Do Wrong


We are continuing with our series on How to be a Media Darling in the Digital Age.

As I’ve mentioned before, publicity for your book or business comes in three stages:

  1.  Before landing the interview
  2. After you’ve landed it — now what?
  3. After the interview

We already spoke about honing your message. Now we’re looking at a critical key aspect when pitching media — one that so many people have trouble doing…

And that is….

Being succinct!

Getting to the heart of your message and getting there now.

Starting with the climax of the story, then filling in the gaps.

Bottom line: Less is more.

You see, here’s the thing. Media isn’t going to read your book and they certainly aren’t going to read your dissertation.

They want the short cut version right to the heart of it, and this is the most difficult thing for people to get.

I understand it. You have this big body of work that maybe has been your life’s work. How can that be summed up in one sentence?

And that is the trick. That is the key. That is the single most important skill you can develop for your business or book. One sentence.


And the good news is, it is totally doable. I have an amazing 5-step process which I’ll share in another post.

For now I need to be succinct with this blog post. 🙂

For more great tips, check out my Publicity Cheat Sheet. It’s a total freebie.


To your success!


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