Authors! Get Media Coverage Now – Bigger is Not Always Better

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I have been thinking a lot about books and media and how to break though the deafening noise that surrounds us on a daily basis.

In radio we had a saying: “Less is more,” and that is as true today as it ever was. Whether is talking on the air, while talking about your book, being concise and compelling is critical.

In publicity we had a saying with regard to booking media: “Bigger is better. ┬áThat actually isn’t necessarily the case anymore.

Oh sure, it’s wonderful to have the big, top-tier hits. I thrive on the rush of adrenaline that goes along with landing a big, successful media outlet. But, the truth is, a lot can happen with smaller venues, so I invite you to keep an open mind and consider the following:

  • It’s easier to book the smaller media outlets. Notice I didn’t say easy, but easier, and whether you’re well known or just starting out, you have to start somewhere.
  • People can consume your media interactions for years. It’s not like you do a show one time and it’s over, or you’re in the newspaper one day and the next it’s under the bird cage, which was the case prior to the digital age. Interviews, articles, blog posts and podcasts can be discovered for years afterward. (That can have a down side too, but that’s another topic for another day.)
  • You can put the media logos on your website for third party endorsement and social proof.
  • Comment on other blogs, and be sure to add something to the conversation. Don’t just hop on and say, “Great post!” I mean, that’s nice but not nearly as effective as writing a thoughtful response. Plus, it puts you on the blogger’s radar screen, not to mention other readers who might like what you have to say and decide to check you out.
  • The big boys and girls watch the smaller outlets. Top tier and secondary tier will swoop in when the time is right and decide to cover you.
  • These interviews, features, and other media hits get indexed by Google, which means “Google Love.” It’s a good thing.

When I say start small, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go after the top tier media opportunities. You absolutely should. One caveat though:

If this is your first book and you don’t have media experience yet, start small. It’s always better to get your feet wet, make mistakes and gain experience in smaller outlets before you have a shot at something big. You want to be ready.

I have seen amazing things happen via a smaller media campaign. People often think it’s only the big stuff that matters. Not so anymore. We live in a new world and it’s a new age. It’s time to update our thinking and understanding, let go of ideas that are no longer true and embrace what is happening now so that all of us can reach our goals and dreams.

To your success!


P.S. Let me know how you’re doing!

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