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We often talk about the various ways you can broadcast to and engage with your own networks via your social channels. We’ve covered Facebook and today we’re taking a look at LinkedIn.

As with other channels, going live on LinkedIn is an innovative way for authors to engage with their audiences by providing real-time opportunities to build meaningful relationships. Unlike traditional mediums such as books or blogs, where the author writes content and readers consume it, LinkedIn Live allows authors to actively interact with their followers through live broadcasts and Q&A sessions.

The beauty of this medium is that it ensures feedback is immediate and organic. Authors can receive instant reactions from their audience and use this to adjust the direction of their broadcast or conversation in real-time. Authors can also leverage the platform’s analytics capabilities to gain deeper insight into their viewers’ behavior because it shows how people react to what they write or say. This helps authors better understand their audiences.

Many are wisely taking advantage of this communication tool, but if doing a LinkedIn Live is new to you, then the following points contain the specifics on how to create and use this tool from start to finish. You, too, can connect with your audience in a more profound way, showcase your expertise and share about your book.

Tips for Doing LinkedIn Lives

Create an active LinkedIn profile and make sure it’s up-to-date by adding any relevant work, skills, or experiences you have that are related to the content you intend to discuss during the live stream.

Set up a business page if you don’t already have one as this is necessary for streaming on LinkedIn Live.

Install Open Broadcast Studio (OBS) or Streamyard, which is a free open-source software for streaming video. You will be using this to stream your video onto the platform. (For more on the difference between the two, check out this video.)

Test your camera and audio before going live to make sure everything works properly and there are no technical issues when broadcasting.

Write an engaging post that will go along with the Live broadcast and share it on your profile across other social media platforms where most of your followers can access it easily in order to increase viewership during the stream session.

Go live on LinkedIn through the ‘record’ button found in the home page of your business page dashboard, follow all steps given by LinkedIn Live and you’re ready to start broadcasting!

After concluding your Livestream session, it will automatically be saved in the same place where it was started – under the LinkedIn Lives tab located near the top of your main page. This makes finding past broadcasts for subsequent uploads much easier – allowing you to share them with other people who might have missed out on a certain stream.

Bottom line

LinkedIn Live is fast becoming a powerful tool for engaging existing followers or reaching out to potential new customers and sharing information with them about your book and your expertise. With its easy set up process, intuitive navigation, and the ability to gather meaningful insights into how people react to your message, it’s no surprise why more people are turning to this platform to hold successful events and promotion campaigns alike. I will be doing more LinkedIn Lives myself, so perhaps I will see you there!!

To your success!


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