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Joanne McCall

Publicity and Marketing Distinctions and Opportunities

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. An argument can be made that everyone is the media these days.

Let’s take a moment and break this down.

For years I’ve made the distinction between “You Media” and “Earned Media” but we need to expand this even more. Advertising is also a part of the mix, especially with the popularity of FB and Instagram ads, so let’s expand the definition again and take a look at how this works in terms of your book.

Understanding all three of these elements will help you when you begin planning any campaigns for your book.

You Media or Owned Media:

This media is your own content generation. This is what you create. It’s your website, social media channels, blog, podcast,videos, e-book, newsletter, etc. You control the content. If you love it, it is shared; If you hate it, it never sees the light of day.

Another word for it is your platform. It’s how people find you and the important question to ask is the following: Are you attracting the right people to you? Because if you’re not, then you have a serious problem to resolve.

Even before you identify your Avatar, or ideal customer, ask yourself what is the end result you’re looking for? More sign ups? Sell more books? Coverage by the major media brands? Greater visibility? Brand recognition? If you really want to take advantage of generating and keeping your own following, then you must ask these questions.

Then identify exactly who that person is right down to what they like to read. What are they searching for? What trends are they following? Why do they need you? And if you don’t know the answers, then you need people in your eco-system who can help you. Remember: You can always submit questions to Savvy Sunday News. Your question may become part of the next conversation.

Other Media or Earned Media:

Earned media is getting someone else to write about you and cover you and your book.

This earned media includes: TV, magazines, radio, podcasts, bloggers, journalists, producers, editors, digital editors, and other media opportunities. Earned media means someone else is involved in the coverage, and that always means you have some hoops to jump through.

Unlike “You Media,” and “paid media,” which we’ll get to, you don’t get to control the message, so if you do an interview and it isn’t your very best, it’s going to air anyway. You don’t get to say “do over!”

On the other hand, there is nothing better than third person endorsement. We hear about social proof all the time; Earned media gives you a ton of it. It’s the difference between you saying to someone, “I am really terrific. You really should get to know me and read my book,” versus someone else saying, “You really should read this book.”

Advertising or Paid Media:

This is the realm of advertising. It’s when you pay money for your ad to run, and includes online and offline opportunities, as well as FB ads, Instagram ads, google clicks, etc. Again, like the media you own, you control the message and you pay to have that message heard by the media venue’s audience.

Through links in the piece or your bio, you get to drive traffic to the content or service of your choosing in addition to controlling the message. Paid media drives traffic. It can also sell books, but it’s important to know what paid media strategies work and which ones to avoid. For example, there is a company that mimics a very large cable channel and charges over 5 grand for two videos and access to their platform’s audience. Run from this! There are others like it that are to be avoided at all costs. Another reason to have someone in your corner you can ask about these things.

Media opportunities are endless. Knowing what you want, what your message is, and then designing campaigns using the best options for your situation is key. In fact, it’s everything.

To your success!


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