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How to Land Top-Tier Media

I have to admit, getting significant media attention for my clients is my own personal “crack.” Partly because it’s challenging to land, partly because I love hearing my clients’ excited voices when faced with the

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Client Appearing on the Dr. Oz Show

First Impressions for Interviews

Remember when mom used to say, “You never get another chance to make a good first impression.”? Mom was right, and this includes media interviews, too. How to deliver a great interview in any media

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From the Journalist’s Point of View

When it comes to doing interviews with journalists, understanding their point of view and what they need for a good story is important and helpful. When you assist them with what they’re trying to accomplish,

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Person blogging on a laptop

Should You Be Blogging?

Are you blogging, and if not, should you be? This is a great question for an author. Some say blogging is over. I don’t think so. As is true with anything, trends come and go

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Build Your Author Brand

How to Develop Your Brand

No matter where you are on the writer/author journey, whether you’re writing your first book, or you’ve already published 15 books, it’s never too late to think about, consider, and review “your brand”. What are

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Take Back Control of Your Days

I hear it all the time. “I feel overwhelmed. I don’t know how to control the flood of all the information that keeps pouring over me day after day after day. How do you manage

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