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Conference attendees sit and listen

Portland’s Author Alchemy Summit

As authors and writers, we must constantly be thinking about how to get the word out about our books and our businesses. Last weekend was a lot of fun because nestled in the heart of

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How Authors Can Speak More Powerfully

5 Ways Authors Can Speak More Powerfully

We live in a fascinating age. The era of social media, omnipresent cameras, and videos on platforms like YouTube have revolutionized how we communicate and express ourselves. Yet, amidst this digital renaissance, a crucial aspect

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Author Thought Leader

Authors Can Become Thought Leaders

You’ve probably heard the buzz about being a ‘thought leader’, right? But what does that actually mean for authors, and is it a goal worth chasing for you? Let’s break it down. Firstly, what’s a

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February Book Promotion Opportunities

February for Authors

As authors, it is important to be looking for ways to tie our books into the news of the day or culture trends. I am a fan of the national calendar of events. Depending on

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Getting Media Attention

Getting Media Attention as an Author

In the dynamic realm of writing, speaking, and entrepreneurship, gaining media exposure for your book and your work is a pivotal step towards establishing authority and expanding your influence. As an expert, speaker, coach, or

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