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What Media is Looking for From You

What Media is Looking for from You

When your goal is to become a Media Darling, you must create campaigns to go after Earned Media coverage. After you have pitched an idea, there is a process that takes place which looks like

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Social Media Collage

Video for Promoting Books

As we have discussed many times here, there are three buckets of media you want to cover when you are promoting a book. They are: You Media Borrowed or Rented Media Earned Media. Today we’re

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TikTok logo on phone screen

Authors Interested in TikTok

If you’ve been reading about social media this year, then no doubt you’ve heard a lot about the rise of TikTok. The platform isn’t new. It was launched six years ago in China by a

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Online Media Room for Authors

An Online Media Room for Authors

An important part of your own content generation, You Media, is having a media room on your website. This is a special, defined space that features the content media would use to develop a story

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Frequent Author Questions

In my quest to help authors become Media Darlings, there are common questions that come up, and today seems like a good day to share some of those questions along with the answers. One of

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