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Frequent Author Questions

In my quest to help authors become Media Darlings, there are common questions that come up, and today seems like a good day to share some of those questions along with the answers. One of

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4 Types of Media Authors Must Address

Many authors come to me perplexed by what they need to do to market and publicize their books. Because they feel unsure, many suffer from overwhelm, procrastination, frustration, and sometimes just a low level of

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How Much to Share on Social Media

Sharing on Social Media

Have you ever read a social media post from someone else and thought, “Why are they sharing all of this? This is definitely TMI.” We’ve all been there and had those thoughts about others. When

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Questions to Ask

Questions for the Media

Every social area in life–including social media platforms–has its own etiquette, or an unpublished set of rules that people familiar with it simply know. Did you know the gym has its own set of unwritten

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Perhaps I've said to much

More Media Interview Tips

Over the years working with authors and business owners, I have created a long list of interview tips, including dos and don’ts when talking with the media. If you’ve been reading this blog for a

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Tips for Fabulous Print Interviews

As you go about landing media coverage for your book, I offer tips to help make the process easier. To that end, I would like to begin with a little story followed by some tips

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