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From the Journalist’s Point of View

When it comes to doing interviews with journalists, understanding their point of view and what they need for a good story is important and helpful. When you assist them with what they’re trying to accomplish,

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Should You Be Blogging?

Are you blogging, and if not, should you be? This is a great question for an author. Some say blogging is over. I don’t think so. As is true with anything, trends come and go

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Build Your Author Brand

How to Develop Your Brand

No matter where you are on the writer/author journey, whether you’re writing your first book, or you’ve already published 15 books, it’s never too late to think about, consider, and review “your brand”. What are

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Take Back Control of Your Days

I hear it all the time. “I feel overwhelmed. I don’t know how to control the flood of all the information that keeps pouring over me day after day after day. How do you manage

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Publicity Coverage: What's Next

Publicity Coverage: What’s Next?

What many authors fail to realize is that pitching, landing, and doing earned media interviews is just the first part of the equation. Then you want to leverage those fabulous interviews and features to get

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Colorful Easter Eggs

Spring and New Beginnings with Your Book

Spring has sprung — in the northern hemisphere anyway. Greetings to our readers in the south who are heading into fall and winter now. The past week Passover Seders were celebrated, and Easter is now

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