Top Ten Book Publicity and Marketing Mistakes

Mistake #10: Focusing Only on the Numbers We’ve talked about this before, quite recently, in fact. Focusing only on platform numbers creates desperation; An obvious neediness that causes others to avoid you like the plague. Remember, whatever your numbers are, there really is no such thing as a small audience. While it’s true other authors…

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How to Build Local Awareness for Your Book

In the midst of blogging, social media, and all the other promotion we can do for our books, it’s easy to overlook what authors can do locally and why that might be important. Sometimes the very best way to build your visibility globally and nationally is to begin right in your own backyard. Therefore, here…

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Success Tips for Authors in your Home Office

Gone are the days of thinking it is unusual to work from a home office. Many authors, publicists, marketers, designers, website developers, etc., work from home and very successfully too. I’ve done both and I’m well aware of the pros and cons of working in an office and from a home office. Today, I thought…

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