Radio Tours for Book Publicity and Marketing

When it comes to publicity and marketing for your book, there are a lot of strategies that can work for building visibility and sales. While you are planning your marketing strategy, don’t overlook radio. Podcasts are getting a lot of attention right now and that’s a good thing, but don’t overlook the power of radio.…

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Don’t let fear keep you from taking action

What do successful authors have in common regarding book publicity and marketing? One word: Action. It’s true for all well-known business people, authors, speakers, consultants, and others who are successful and have influence within their spheres. They all have this in common:  Action. They take action and quickly — even when they’re not quite sure…

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Booking Media Interviews

When it comes to book publicity and marketing, asking the right questions makes it much easier. If you have a book and you want more visibility, then gaining exposure through the power of media is a fantastic way to do it. This post isn’t about how to land an interview via positioning, pitching and approach;…

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