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Podcast Tour Decisions

Last week I shared some of the similarities and differences between radio and podcasts that can make a difference if you are going to be a guest on any shows. If you didn’t see it,

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Joanne McCall - Nonfiction Writers Conference

The Merry Merry Month of May

When I was a kid, my mom and I used to gather flowers, put them in baskets, and deliver them to the neighbors for May Day. It was a secret ritual because you would sneak

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New York Times Journalists

Five Ways to Increase Your Media Coverage

My mission with Savvy Sunday News and McCall Media Group is to help you get media coverage for your book so that it builds awareness and visibility, enhances your credibility, makes you feel proud, and

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April Fools’ Day!

Did you hear the news? Tim Ferris has been pushing this for quite some time now, and corporate America has officially gone to a 4-day work week! Really?!! That’s great! Not so fast… April fools’!

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dafodils in bloom

Spring Brings New Life to Your Book

I love the first day of Spring! Now, granted, it doesn’t always feel like spring, but psychologically knowing that the cold, dormant days of winter will soon be behind us and new life will be

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