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If you’ve been reading about social media this year, then no doubt you’ve heard a lot about the rise of TikTok.

The platform isn’t new. It was launched six years ago in China by a company called Bytedance, a name that says it all. TikTok is focused on short video snippets, usually funny, and has stirred up so much reaction that both Facebook and Instagram are pushing their own reels as a way to compete.

I am asked frequently by authors, experts, and influencers, “Should I be on TikTok?” It’s a good question and a fair one. My first reaction to that is where is your market? Are they big TikTok fans? If so, then maybe you should be there.

The next question is do you feel comfortable creating short videos? That is what the platform is all about so if you want to play there, then you’ll need to learn how to create those kinds of videos.

Probably the first place to start is to simply go on the app and lurk. See what others are doing.

If you’re an author or in the book business, which is pretty much every community member here, then check out #booktok and #authortok. You’ll find various influencers and micro influencers sharing what books they’re reading, and giving author and book recommendations.

According to the Store Intelligence Data for Q1 2022 report, TikTok was downloaded more than 175 million times from January 1 through March 31, 2022, and from what I’ve heard, that number is only increasing. No wonder other platforms are falling all over themselves to compete.

We’ll see what happens. Being the new kid on the block can be wildly exciting, but it’s a lot more challenging to maintain success once you’ve had it than it is to have tons of success when you’re new. Just ask Zuck, although he’s had some other challenges recently having to do with Meta. A conversation for another time.

We cover social media numbers from time-to-time here, and I think this little nugget is worth sharing. There is this idea “out there” that Facebook is the “boomer” platform that caters to an older demographic. It may be true that a higher percentage of Gen X and Baby Boomers use Facebook compared to other platforms, but it’s actually most popular amongst millennials. Millennials are now 41 at the top end. I think the range in age is 26-41, so just like everyone else, they’re aging too.

Speaking of numbers, I also found it interesting that Twitter is most popular with people between the ages of 18-29. 42% of its users are in this age range, while just 27% are in the 30-49 bracket, and 18% in the 50-64 range. Seniors are the least likely to use Twitter at a mere 7%.

These numbers change though, which is why at least once a year we take a good look at those statistics.

Should you be on TikTok? Again, my two big questions are as follows:
1. Is your market there?  2. Do you enjoy making short videos?

If you said yes to both, then you should be on TikTok.

To your success!


P.S. I like these guys on TikTok.



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