Media Mastery for Authors

Media Mastery for Authors by Joanne McCall

Authors face challenges: There is no doubt about this. If you could see the questions I receive on a daily basis, you would be amazed. But then again, if you’re an author or someone within the publishing industry, you may find yourself nodding your head.

The world is changing at a pace never seen before. New technology, new tools, new ways of interacting with one another, new strategies. I am absorbed in this world every single day, but for those unable to do that, the more important it becomes to have experts you can turn to and trust to help you.

It’s one reason I love the Nonfiction Authors Association, and I am delighted to say I have been invited to give the closing presentation of the 2024 Writers Conference. The topic is Publicity Strategies that Get Results and is designed to address specific challenges that authors often face.

Some of those Challenges

Problem: Authors often lack insider knowledge and industry-specific tactics, which can make their marketing efforts less effective.

Solution: By sharing insider secrets and pro tips, authors understand what truly works in the industry, offering them actionable insights that they might not access elsewhere.

Example: Getting reviews from customers is different from industry trade reviews. With the latter, you must start 3-4 months before publication date.

Problem: Authors frequently struggle to attract and retain media attention, which is crucial for amplifying their book’s visibility.

Solution: Authors need to know how to transform from just being writers to becoming thought leaders or authorities in their fields, which naturally attracts more media interest.

Example: Writers can transform from being merely writers to becoming thought leaders or authorities in their fields by strategically leveraging their expertise, building credibility, and effectively communicating their insights. There are specific ways to do this.

Problem: Navigating media relationships and understanding how to communicate with journalists can be daunting for many authors.

Solution: By learning how to craft compelling pitches, authors can effectively communicate the value of their work, turning media gatekeepers into allies who are more likely to feature their stories.

Example: In addition, learning the channels journalists prefer to communicate in and then doing so will increase your chances tremendously. You must pay attention to this.

Problem: The media landscape can be complex and intimidating, with many potential pitfalls for the uninitiated.

Solution: Teaching authors about counterintuitive strategies that work provides them with a toolkit to handle unexpected challenges and opportunities, ensuring they can maneuver through the media landscape more effectively.

Example: Study the person you plan to pitch in addition to the outlet. Many people get excited and send the same pitch to hundreds, if not thousands, of media folks. Bad idea. Yes, it takes time to research this, yet so worth it.

Problem: Authors might secure initial media coverage but often don’t know how to leverage it to build lasting impact or further their reach.

Solution: Don’t leave opportunities on the table. You’ll want to sustain and capitalize on media attention once it is gained, helping authors extend the life and impact of each media appearance.

Example: Share it. Earned media attention sticks around. It isn’t dependent on an algorithm for others to see it. This is gold for authors!

Bottom Line

These strategies, and many more, help authors tackle some of the most significant challenges in book publicity, providing them with the skills and knowledge to enhance their book’s presence in a competitive market. Each suggestion is crafted to equip authors with tools to not just attract media attention but to also sustain it and use it effectively for their career growth. I share these every week in Savvy Sunday News (sign up below to get it delivered directly to your inbox) and also speak at conferences on the ground and online. Come join me. The Nonfiction Writers Conference is all virtual and has been for 14 years. You can sign up here, and I hope to see you there!

To your success!


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