Grabbing the Attention of your Clients and Customers with Video


It is not big trick for a small business, entrepreneur, coach, speaker, author or consultant to stand up anymore. Never in the history of human kind has it been so easy. No matter what your product, service, event, or cause, you can create a platform.

The trick is how are you going to stand out in such a busy, noisy, crowded world? And how do you do it with video? Video is King (and Queen) now.

I don’t hear people talk about this much. Most figure if they build a great mouse trap, others will magically hear about it, and the sales will come flowing in. Nothing could be further from the truth. So what do you do?


I am going to give you a couple of little Media Polishing secrets that will help you as you try to get noticed through your videos. 

Get to the point. Don’t take time to lay the groundwork. Don’t try to warm things up and eventually get to what it is you want to say. And whatever you do, don’t start your videos with, “Hi, My name is…” Start with the hook. Start with the climax of your message, and then fill in the gaps.

Get to the point quickly. You may think I made the point above, but the truth is, this is so fundamental that it is worth saying again. Get to the point and make it quick. No one is going to take the time to figure out your message.Create and Use sound bites. Sound bites are quick little phrases that easily explain a concept. I heard an interview not log about during which the guest was a relationship expert and she was making a point about finding the “perfect person” to marry or get involved with. She said, “Perfection = Pure fiction.” That is a sound bite, and a memorable one at that. Here I am sharing it months after actually hearing it. So when it comes to your business, come up with some quips and then practice them so they roll off your tongue.You can pepper these in your videos for much added interest!

Know your market and who you’re talking to. I find far too often that many people have a problem zeroing in on a target market because they’re afraid of leaving someone out. The best advice is to pick a market and speak directly to them. You can expand out later, but initially, start with your key client or customer. Otherwise, you may find yourself waiting and waiting and waiting to get those videos done.

Want to know more about using video in your marketing and looking great doing it? I’ve got another Media Polishing training coming up in just a couple of weeks. Learn how to develop content, make it compelling fascinating to your potential clients and customers. Learn to create fantastic videos for more sales, more media and more mojo! Connect with me here at or sign up on the home page to hear about upcoming events. Talk to you soon! 🙂

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