How Do I Get Featured in Big Media Outlets?

Press interview. News conference.

There are a handful of questions I am asked repeatedly by authors and one of them is this: “How do I get featured in big media publications and outlets? I see everyone else doing it. How can I do it too?”

Whether they’re looking to be in the big business magazines such as Fast Company, INC, or Forbes, or women’s magazines such as Real Simple, Cosmopolitan, or Woman’s World, or on network television, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, if you have similar aspirations, here are some important tips for you:

Build relationships with the media early. Career expert Lois Frankel once said to me, “The time to build relationships is before you need them.” Never has that been more true than with media. Long before you are planning to do a campaign to promote your book, find out who writes on or covers your topic. Read, listen to, or watch everything they create. Comment and share on social media. It is better to approach someone with a story or segment idea when they are familiar with you rather than cold calling.

Respond to journalists and other media requests quickly. If you’re using HARO or one of the other media leads services, there will be a deadline as to when they need resources for their stories. Do not wait until that deadline. In fact, it is better to respond immediately. Chances are very good the open spots will be filled within hours not days.

Be quotable. Whether you’re writing something up for them, or you’re being interviewed, make sure your tips and advice are unique and quotable. You don’t want to suggest tips that we’re already heard a hundred times before. Keep your information short and easy to understand.

Be persistent but avoid being pesky. What does that mean exactly? Persistence involves not giving up easily and showing a consistent effort to achieve your goals. Being pesky refers to being overly aggressive, intrusive, or insistent in your approach. Talk to the media like normal human beings, because they are. Show you are trying to help them do their work.

Bottom line

Getting featured in the big media outlets is absolutely doable. First, build relationships with journalists and editors through networking events or social media. Remember to respond to queries in a very timely manner and don’t wait until deadlines. Be quotable and be persistent in your follow-ups without becoming intrusive or pesky. Show that you’re genuinely committed to collaborating and providing valuable content and you will be well on your way to being featured in some amazing media outlets.

P.S. When media comes calling. I want you.






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