Top Tier National Media – Is it still relevant?

For years now we’ve been hearing all this talk about how media is dying. There are “experts” out there who are making a fortune segregating “Old Media” and “New Media”(That terminology is even outdated now), and claiming the end is near.

But is that REALLY true?

It may have looked like it in the short term, but times they are a’changin’ and those “experts” may have to look for a new message.

The reality is that underneath all of this “dying talk”, another scenario has been brewing and reconfiguring itself…and it’s very exciting.

What is true is that much has changed in the media industry. The rise of social media has impacted legacy media in a huge way, and what has happened is that they’ve integrated into something much more powerful than ever before.

Traditional and legacy media, digital and social and online media, continue to converge. They are all coming together into a kind of media centric world. It’s a kind of oneness or perhaps two sides of the same coin. One leads to the other and the other leads to the one again. It can mean huge success and visibility for you and your business if you know how to tap into it.

Media is alive and thriving, thank you, and I decided it was time to get this conversation out there.

One way to do that is to interview those in the know. I am conducting interviews with the movers and shakers of the media industry and you may be very surprised by what they have to say. The Big Media Shift Series of Interviews is an opportunity to hear from those on the front lines just what exactly is going on and how you can take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

The interview series is complimentary. Absolutely free. I was a radio broadcaster for years, so conducting interviews is fun for me. And it’s even more fun when I can share with others. Sign up here for the details:

There is fantastic power in this new configuration of media once you clearly understand it and how it works.

Create your own media. Build your own networks. Build your social media reach. And then bring in the big boys and girls –national media—to really get your message out there. Join me for these upcoming interviews.

Join me here.

See you on the calls.

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