How to Crack the Goodreads Code

Some know this, but many are blissfully unaware of a wonderful book platform called Goodreads. Goodreads is a fantastic tool for promoting books, but many don’t use its best features to get the best bang from it. Well, that’s about to come to an end.

I had the privilege of interviewing Michelle Campbell Scott when I was conducting Media Bytes Studio interviews. You had to be a paid member to access those interviews, but now I’ve decided to make some of the interviews more available to others — meaning free. Hopefully you had a chance to listen to the interview with New York agent, Denise Marcil last week. If not, you’ll find it here.

Michelle Campbell Scott is an author who decided she was going to crack the Goodreads code, and boy did she ever. Give a listen to this information-packed interview:

How To Crack The Goodreads Code

Interview with Michelle Campbell Scott, by Joanne McCall, McCall Media Group

Click here to access the interview

Interview Highlights:

  •         KDP Select
  •         Tips for Goodreads magic
  •         Save time
  •         You can have multiple profiles
  •         Claim one of your books and they convert 

you to an author profile

  •         Facebook for literary people
  •         Portray yourself as a reader first
  •         “Authors behaving badly”
  •         What is the best use of your time
  •         Open up your profile
  •         Tips on how to improve your profile
  •         How author of Fifty Shades got her traction
  •         Get help from this amazing platform if 

you don’t know how to do something

  •         Groups in Goodreads to be involved in
  •         Book bloggers
  •         Nonfiction or fiction?
  •         Create bookshelves and add books to them (including your own)
  •         Align your book with other books that are famous
  •         Tips for promoting your book in bookstores
  •         Goodreads giveaways
  •         Tips for being more likely to get reviews
  •         Goodreads offerings
  •         Have your own group? or not?
  •         Promoting others is promoting yourself

Click here to access the interview.

At the time of this interview we were offering various bonuses to listeners at the end of our conversation together. The winners have already been determined, so no need to enter the contest.

Make great use of your time using tools that will help you to become more visible and sell more books. I hope you enjoy the interview!

To your success!


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