Marketing and Publicity are Different!


Today I am working with a major journalist on a story featuring a particular expert. It’s challenging because this expert does not understand the difference between marketing and publicity so the bullet points are full of product mentions and, “I created this,” and “I created that.”

All of that had to be stripped away. It doesn’t work with publicity. It doesn’t work with journalists.

And then, good communication skills had to be used to keep this expert from getting upset at the changes. It’s challenging sometimes.

So, this is a teaching moment that I want to take advantage of and share some points with you here.

When you are looking to get media interested in you, your business, your product or book, remember you are interested in getting coverage. This might be in the form of a review, an article or feature, a guest blog post, or perhaps landing segments on radio, TV, or online.

It’s not about selling your book or product. It’s not the same as telling your community and networks about it. It’s different and you need to understand the difference to get top tier national coverage.

It’s about a story. It’s about the “why” behind what you do and why you do it, told in such a way that others feel compelled to buy what it is that you have, and at the very least begin following you so that they learn more about what it is that you do. The story is about sharing valuable information that readers/viewers/ listeners can use to help them in their lives and/or businesses. It’s about being entertaining or educational. It’s about being a good resource. It’s about visibility. It’s about driving people somewhere so they can buy the book or learn more about you.

For example:

(Bad Idea) “In my book, I have created and developed my own products containing downloadable sheets and graphs that will help you to be successful at…(xyz).”

Good Idea) “You can create your own XYZ by taking these simple steps:…” (list them).

Usually at the beginning and the end of a piece or segment, your book, product or website will be mentioned. You always want to have a call to action, and you can actually seed things within the content, you just don’t want to fill it with stuff that makes an editor, writer, producer or whomever say, “Take out an ad.” It is very important to understand the difference.

Once you do, it can make all the difference.

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