Risky Business: Are You Really Ready for Big Visibility?

We are well into January 2015 and I wonder how things are going for you? Each new year is like a new beginning because it offers such hope. It’s a chance to hit the reset button, if you will, and redo some things that maybe didn’t work out in 2014, and it’s a chance to create new opportunities in 2015.  So, are you still on track?

Wherever you are in your business and your personal life, there is always room to grow, change, learn and try new things. There is one requirement, however, and that means we have to change. And in order to change, it requires that we think differently. And thinking differently requires taking some risks.

I work with many different types of clients and the one thing they all have in common is the desire to expand their visibility and get known for their work. Each has a message and product or service they want to get out into the world and that means doing something new and taking some risks. This happens on two different levels and they must be handled in the right order or you won’t get the results you’re aiming for.

Before taking any action toward your goal, the first level of risk is this:

They must take place internally.

What does that mean? It means you must make this new change in your mind first. If you want to be more visible, see yourself successfully appearing on TV shows, creating your own videos, or being interviewed by all types of media. What would you hear if you became a media darling? What would people be saying to you, and what would you be saying to yourself? And, how would you feel? What would it feel like to be out there successfully talking about your product or service?

This is the place to just let your imagination go wild. As kids, we were able to do this all the time. Tap into your imagination, and then really go for it.

Now, this may sound easy to do, but for many, it is not. Some have a tendency to worry and see themselves making mistakes. It’s almost like planning for failure and for some people it is simply a bad habit, and one they sometimes are not consciously aware of. Others say to me that they are totally ready for visibility and exposure, and then when we work together and it starts to happen, it becomes a different story. Some start to self-sabotage. Others go into hiding. I don’t want to share names here, but I could list a couple of different people who totally shut down when the visibility hit. You would know their names.

The trick is to really pay attention to yourself and your reactions to events. If you notice yourself worrying, stop, take a deep breath, and begin to imagine a different future. When you become aware of your thoughts and daydreams, then you can begin to redirect them. With practice, you can get pretty good at it.

That is the first level of risk; The internal risk. What you will discover through this process of self-awareness is how you can get beyond any fears and limitations you have and delve into all the other opportunities just waiting for you. When it comes to being visible and helping others in the world, taking risks is essential. It allows you to discover how multi-talented you really are.

In part two I will share with you the second level of risk: Taking action on those dreams through building relationships.

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If you’re interested in learning more about The WAVE and how we can get more publicity for your business, book or project, send me a note to joanne@joannemccall.com.

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