Quick and Easy Ways to Get Media Coverage: Podcasts


Last week, while exploring quick and easy ways to get media coverage, we discussed tapping into your own networks to see how your connections can help you to grow your reach and influence. If you’re interested in doing more book publicity, marketing, and promotion, this week we’re focusing on podcasts.

Podcasts continue to be all the rage these days. You can find a podcast on any topic, and if you have information to share that’s contained in your book, then getting booked on podcasts is a great way to continue to get your message out there and build your own audience. (You do the latter part by extending an offer and having a landing page for listeners to come to.)

The question is: How do you find the right podcasts for you?

Do your research.

You can simply do a Google search by entering “Podcasts” and one or more of your search words. I just did that myself and entered “podcasts workplace” and a slew of them came up, including a piece called “Best 80 Workplace Podcasts.” That is a great place to start.

Follow the hashtags.

When I first start working with a new client, one of the first things I have them do is send me their top 20 key words. These can be used for searching the podcasts that are available out there. I have found it especially helpful on Instagram.

Do they take guests?

This is essential to know if you want to be a guest on a show. Some podcasts are host-driven rather than guest-driven. They have one or two hosts and they do all the talking. They simply don’t take guests. Others do interview guests, and if you’re an appropriate guest for the show, they are the ones to pitch!

How will you contact them?

Some give an email address. For others, you will have to do more digging. Can you follow them on social media? I have pitched some via Twitter. I also find the paid version of LinkedIn can be a great way to find people and reach out to them via their messaging tool. There are lots of ways to do this; you simply have to become a detective.

Consider a media database.

This is usually an expensive option if you get a robust database. Not all of them list podcasts though, so be sure and do your research first.

Apple Podcasts.

You can search a lot of podcasts through Apple podcasts. Not only can you find out the type of show, but you can often see in the show notes if they take guests. You can also listen to a couple of episodes. Does it sound like a show you should be on? What type of host is it? Friendly? Likes to debate?

Hire someone.

You can hire someone to locate contact info for you. A virtual assistant may be helpful as they can often find the podcasts too. You could also hire a publicist who has lots of contacts already. There is nothing like having relationships to speed up the process. Sometimes Fiverr has people who will do research for you. An intern might be an option. Whoever it is, you have to make sure they understand what you’re looking for so that they are able to disregard options that just don’t make sense for you.

Bottom line

Podcasts are a fabulous way to share your knowledge and inspire others to want to know you better, buy your book, and whatever else you’re offering. There are many quick and easy ways to get media coverage. We’ll explore another channel next week.

To your success!


P.S. Welcome to all the new people joining us from the Nonfiction Authors Association. I was delighted to be interviewed by Stephanie Chandler on their popular podcast. It was a lot of fun.

P.P.S. And remember: You may not be known by everyone in the world, but you can be a superstar in your own niche. Find your people and share your brilliance. I’ve got some famous friends.





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