The Month for May for Book Publicity & Marketing

Determined bird of spring

In some ways it seems like the last year dragged by endlessly, didn’t it? Lock downs, Zoom meetings, vaccinations, election coverage, riots, etc. It was one thing after another. Yet, at the same time, I can’t believe it’s been over a year since the pandemic began.

Time is a funny thing. I remember snow skiing during Christmas vacation when I was 15 years old, and as I was trying to master a challenging hill, I took a few tumbles, one of which was rather serious. As I fell, I swear it took forever to actually hit the snow. Certainly much longer than 5 or 10 seconds! Perhaps you’ve had an experience where it seemed like time slowed down too.


Well, one thing we can all agree on is whether it moves quickly or slowly, it does indeed march forward. Here we are quickly closing in on May, with two very important holidays coming up: Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. As we mention each month, one very effective way to promote your book is to tie it into the calendar so your book becomes timely again. Here are some possibilities for the month of May:

  • Better Speech and Language Month: May aims to raise awareness concerning disorders of speech, hearing, voice, and language. Communication disorders can develop at any point during a lifetime.
  • Celiac Disease Awareness Month: This focuses on raising support for research and education surrounding this condition that affects an estimated 3 million Americans.
  • Employee Health And Fitness Month:  May aims to improve the health of the global workforce. Through initiatives and helpful programs, the campaign encourages employers to engage their employees in healthful activities.
  • Dental Care Awareness Month: Is it time to go see the dentist? Today, oral hygiene is learned at an early age. Brush twice a day, floss, keep the sugary snacks to a minimum and see your dentist twice a year.
  • Military Appreciation Month: This is when we recognize Loyalty Day, VE Day (the end of World War II in Europe on May 8, 1945), Armed Forces Day,  Military Spouses Day and Memorial Day. It is a month to honor those who are serving and those who have served.
  • National Mental Health Awareness Month: This is a time to focus on bringing tools, resources, and education to the general public.
  • National WildFire Awareness Month: According to the National Interagency Fire Center, humans cause an average of 68% fires per year in the United States. Of those human-started fires, they result in 2.8 million acres burn each year. May is about teaching the importance of being careful.
  • Date Your Mate Month: Whether you committed recently or years ago, spending time keeping a relationship fresh and the intimacy real between two people requires dedication. Schedule some fun dates with your mate all month long.
  • Older Americans Month: Every year in May, Older Americans Month recognizes the contributions of older adults across the nation. While raising families and building careers, older Americans also gave back to their communities in a variety of ways. We celebrate them during the month of May.
  • National Get Caught Reading Month: There is no better challenge than Get Caught Reading Month in May.  All month long, wherever you go, the campaign challenges every one of all ages to get caught reading!
  • National Inventors Month: May recognizes the curiosity and imagination of the people who innovate and create.
  • National Moving Month: May kicks off the busiest moving season of the year when home sales begin to rise throughout the summer months, so it makes sense that May is National Moving Month.
  • Skin Cancer Awareness Month: All May long, Skin Cancer Awareness Month encourages us to learn preventative skin care habits and seek screenings for early intervention.

Bottom line

If you have a book on any of the above topics, you’re in luck. You can come up with a great pitch that is sure to get you some media coverage. If you’re not sure how to write a pitch and then find the right media to pitch to, consider a Media Strategy Session. For a small fee, you’ll walk away with strategies that will help you significantly when promoting your book — and with some of my best tips and tricks.

To your success!


P.S. One day Broadway will open, theaters and concert halls will open. Until then, a little celebration of the month of May is here.





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