Media ‘no no’ Tip

Recently I’ve been interviewing many media insiders about their work, and media in general. It’s one of my favorite subjects and I’m always interested in how things are changing.

Media tip for the day:  One “media no no” keeps coming up that really needs to be discussed here.

You see, when it comes to pitching a story idea to media, remember, it’s not about you.

Now, it seems like it should be about you. After all, you’ve been researching and building your business or writing your book, or creating your product or running your company for years now. You’ve been impacting others in a huge way and you are definitely a mover and a shaker. How could it not be about you?

But it isn’t.

When pitching media, particularly top tier, national media, you have to put on a different hat. You have to think like a journalist, a producer or a publicist. Which means, are you part of a trend? Do you have a study or statistics you can quote? Have you conducted a study or poll that you can discuss? Are there others you can bring in to be a part of the story? You need to be able to answer the question, “Why you, why now?” because media is always asking that when they consider your story ideas.

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