10 Black Friday Strategies for Authors

10 Black Friday Strategies for Authors by Joanne McCall

We all know about Black Friday. Black Friday is a major retail and shopping event in the United States and increasingly around the world. It occurs the day after Thanksgiving, which is always on the fourth Thursday in November, making Black Friday typically the fourth Friday of the month.

This is important because authors can take advantage of Black Friday in several innovative ways to promote their books, broaden their audience, and potentially increase sales. I thought it would be fun and productive to take a look at some strategies you might want to incorporate into your book promotion.

10 Black Friday Author Strategies

  1. Discounted Books: You can offer special Black Friday discounts on your book(s). Lower prices can make them more tempting to readers who are bargain hunting. You can utilize platforms like Amazon, which often have special Black Friday sections, to feature discounted books.
  2. Bundle Deals: Create a Series or Box Sets. If you have multiple books or a series, consider offering a box set at a special price. You can collaborate with other authors. Create bundles with books from other authors in the same genre. This cross-promotion can help you reach wider audiences.
  3. Time-Limited Offers: Create urgency with offers available exclusively for Black Friday or the surrounding days (including Cyber Monday). This can encourage those who may be on the fence to go ahead and get your book(s).
  4. Marketing and Promotion: Create Email Campaigns. Use your email list to announce Black Friday deals to your existing readers. Use Social Media. Engage with followers on platforms like X, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Use hashtags like #BlackFriday, #BookDeals, etc. Try Advertising. Consider paid ads on social media or Amazon to promote your Black Friday offers.
  5. Exclusive Content or Releases: Release a new book around Black Friday and market it as a Black Friday special. Offer exclusive content (e.g., bonus chapters or author commentary) to Black Friday purchases.
  6. Signings and Virtual Events: Host or participate in Black Friday events, like book signings or online author Q&As, tying them into your promotion.
  7. Flash Sales: Short, dramatic price drops can generate buzz. Consider several flash sales spread across the Black Friday period.
  8. Use Book Promotion Sites: Websites that specialize in promoting discounted books can feature your Black Friday deal, reaching avid readers who are on the lookout for sales.
  9. Goodreads and Book Clubs: Engage with Goodreads communities or book clubs by offering your book at a discount to their members.
  10. Merchandising: Alongside books, consider selling merchandise related to your book series or brand at a discounted rate (e.g., T-shirts, bookmarks, posters, etc.).

Bottom Line

Black Friday provides a unique opportunity for authors to market their work in new and creative ways, taking advantage of the shopping season’s fervor. It’s an excellent time to not only boost sales but also to engage with a broader audience and build your brand as an author. The time to do this is now, but hang onto this for next year too!

To your succcess!


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