Have You Ever Had Publicity Envy?

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Writing this as I celebrate my birthday, just before going off on a hike. This question has been coming to mind lately…

Have you ever had publicity envy?

You know what I mean. That’s when you see articles, interviews, excerpts or features that a competitor or niche mate is receiving in major media outlets and you think, “Now how come they’re getting that kind of coverage? That should be me. I’ve been doing this longer, I’ve had greater success, and yet they’re the one who’s getting all the media attention!”

Stings a bit, doesn’t it?

It’s OK. This is just between me and you. No one else has to know that sometimes those feelings pop up inside. I know you’re a wonderful person. I know you wish others well, but as your publicist, I know this is perfectly normal and all it means is that it’s time for you to get some big coverage like this as well. You’re ready.

So how do you go about doing that?

First of all, welcome to my Two-Week Publicity Crash Course. A few days ago I decided that every TuesdayThursday and Sunday I’m going to  throw open the doors on publicity and let the light shine in. I’m going to help you embrace this process so that whatever you’re promoting — your business, book, products, trainings, workshops, etc., you can get media coverage. I’m inviting you to ask questions and to share this information with others. No need for anyone to be in the dark anymore.

Welcome to part 2. Publicity Envy.

OK, so you’ve seen a competitor get some major coverage. Now what? The first thing you want to do is research all the coverage they’re getting. I know this can be difficult when you’re having some reaction to seeing it, but bite the bullet and take a good look. Search for all the places they’re appearing. These can potentially good places for you to appear as well. What are they promoting? Usually when you’re sharing good information with your target audience through media, it’s informational, entertaining, or both. Often the expert has a book, or workshop, or training materials, something that can be mentioned which also gives added credibility. What is your competitor sharing with the world?

Knowing this can help you to begin to think about your own positioning. How are you different? How are you unique?

In addition to knowing how you are unique, you need to have tips and suggestions that are fresh and new. When working with media it’s important to remember that they are pitched every day, all day long, and often on similar topics. You may have a common topic that is frequently addressed, such has tips for getting a great job, or tips for staying healthy, but if you use the same ole tips that we hear over and over again from other experts, you’re going to be ignored. When you present material that is new and different, you are going to get results.

Once you come up with your unique positioning, create a list of your best tips and information, then you need to build a media list. In part 3, I’ll share about media lists and how you can use them to really build your visibility and get more coverage.

The main thing to keep in mind is that what used to work may not work anymore. It may be time to try something new. Through testing and experimenting and discovering successful strategies, I have created something very exciting, which I call a Wave. A Wave is a package where you are the VIP and I do the publicity for you and with you. If that sounds tantalizing to you, make sure you stay tuned because on February 28th I’m making a very special announcement.

If you’ve ever thought about getting some great publicity for your work in the world, this is the time to ask me anything about it.

And if you want to know how media savvy you are at this point in time, take this little quiz to find out.

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