How to Connect with Media

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How to Connect with Media 

OK, so you know you want publicity for your business or product. You know how you’re different and unique and what you have to give to the world, and then the question becomes, “How do I find the right media to connect with?”

 The Two-Week Publicity Crash Course continues. Welcome to part three.

Last week I decided that every Tuesday, Thursday  and Sunday for the next few weeks I’m going to  throw open the doors on publicity and let the light shine in. I’m going to help you embrace this process so that whatever you’re promoting — your business, book, products, trainings, workshops, etc., you can get media coverage. I’m inviting you to ask questions and to share this information with others. No need for anyone to be in the dark anymore.

So, how do you connect with Media?

This is a great question, and a very important one. There are numerous strategies for doing this, so let’s get going.

 One way to connect with media:

Pay attention and create a list. Who covers your topic? A simple Google search can do much to reveal this. Is a competitor getting media coverage? Make a note to reach out to those contacts. Google your topic and hit the “news” feature. Create a Google alert on your topic.

 A second way to connect with media:

Social Media. Once you find media who cover your topic, find them on Twitter and follow them. If you’re one of those who says, “But I hate Twitter!” then you don’t have to, but do consider that you may be missing a great opportunity to get to know the media person by checking out his or her twitter feed. With Twitter, they don’t have to accept an invitation for  you to be able to follow them. They most likely won’t accept your invitation via other platforms because so many people are trying to get access to them.

 A third way to connect with media:

Media databases. These can be expensive, but may be worth the investment depending on your goals and objectives. The biggest one out there is called CisionPoint, and they have both national and international contacts.

Remember: When it comes to connecting with media, be compelling with what you have to offer. You need to have a great hook. Also, be professional and not overly personal in your approach. Being too personal when you don’t know someone personally can be a huge turn off.

The main thing to keep in mind is that what used to work may not work anymore. It may be time to try something new. Through testing and experimenting and discovering successful strategies, I have created something very exciting, which I call a Wave. A Wave is a package where you are the VIP and I do the publicity for you and with you. If that sounds tantalizing to you, make sure you stay tuned because on February 28th I’m making a very special announcement.

Feel free to share this with others, and post on FB if you have any questions about it. If you’ve ever thought about getting some great publicity for your work in the world, this is the time to ask me anything about it.
And if you want to know how media savvy you are at this point in time, take this little quiz to find out …   How Media Savvy are You Quiz .


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