Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Creating Video for Your Book

Video is becoming more and more popular all the time. Whether you’re creating a book trailer (which we talked about here), or you’re designing video snippets geared toward capturing the interest of your potential readers, there are a few things you should ask yourself before you begin creating the content.


You see, I am a huge believer in planning things out so that you make the best use of all your resources including your time, money, energy, enthusiasm, etc.


Therefore, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do I hope to accomplish with my video?
  2. Who specifically is my target audience?
  3. What key messages do you want them to take away?
  4. What action do you want them to take?
  5. What is a story you can tell related to this topic?
  6. Do you have specific background music you’d like used for your video?  Genre? Fast? Slow? (You can license a piece of music here.)
  7. Is there a specific font you’d like used for the copy in your video? Does it fit with your branding? (Hint: It should.)
  8. Who will be responsible for uploading your video to your Website, blog and other social media sites?
  9. At the end of the video, include information on how to reach you, or what you want viewers to do next.

The content of your video is another blog post all together. These are simply some clarifying questions that will help make the production of your videos much easier because you have a basic roadmap.


To your success!



P.S. I am so fortunate to work with some of the best. You can see some of them here.  Have an amazing week!






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