How Come No One Ever Procrastinates about Procrastinating?

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Summer is a great time for vacations, time with family, gardening, sports, reading, and, of course, taking care of business. As I approach my 21st year as an entrepreneur, I can’t help but look at the patterns of what seems to work for people, and what doesn’t.

What works is when business owners and authors get clear on their messaging and they get it out into the world. This is very exciting for everyone because it means you’ve launched. It means your book, product, business, event or cause has been birthed. It is out in the world so others can discover it, which is exactly where it needs to be. ¬†¬†After all, you can have the best book in the world, but if no one knows about it, well, no one knows about it.

I have also found over the years that getting out into the world can be a bit scary and intimidating for some. Whether they actually feel scared or not, if they say they want their book out into the world and aren’t taking any action to get it there, then most likely fear is at work.

Sound bite: If you’re not actually taking action on what you say you want, you either don’t really want it, or there is fear.

Thoughts such as “I don’t have time right now.” “I should wait until I have more time,” “…more money,” “…more energy,” …more, more, more…Ad infinitum. Procrastination is the name of that tune. Procrastination is simply a fancy way to avoid fear…but it all comes down to fear….

Here are some ways to beat procrastination:

  • Decide.
  • Decide you’re going to take action…and then do it.
  • The night before you are going to work on your book, decide what you absolutely will do tomorrow.
  • Plan on doing a couple of small things rather than making a goal so big that you just want to pull the covers over your head.
  • Picture the positive outcome you’re looking for. What do you want? Think about other challenging things you’ve done in the past, and notice how beautifully you accomplished it. You can do it again now, too.
  • Ask yourself, “How can I make this fun?”
  • Pretend you are someone you know who never procrastinates. Imagine you’re them and get it done.
  • Pretend you’re talking one of your kids about how to meet a challenge in spite of their fears. Be a role model. (Then take your own advice.)
  • Pretend you know how to do it, and you always have.
  • Think of a celebrity or other well-known person who would never have trouble getting this done. Then pretend you are that person and get it done.
  • Be patient. Sometimes we simply have to take baby steps.

I can’t say enough how helpful it is to be in curiosity mode. If you’re not really sure how to do something, get some help. Ask someone else what they did to get themselves to take action. Explore. Read about what others have done. Shoot me an email. Attend one of my calls to get your questions answered. There is a way to do it, and you will find it. Keep trying…

To your success!


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