How to Sell Tons of Books Over the Holidays

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Thanks to Denise Wakeman for reminding me about National Small Business Saturday. I’ve added it to the list below!

(Note: As a consumer, I don’t like to get into the holidays until the day after Thanksgiving. I just don’t think we spend enough time celebrating the harvest and all the things we’re thankful for. As a publicist, however, authors and business owners wanting to tap into holiday gift-giving need to think about marketing and promotion in advance, which is why I’m posting this before Turkey Day. Just an FYI…)

As an author or a business owner with a book, the holidays are a perfect time to think about the publicity, marketing and sales of your book. The first important date to keep in mind is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. It is, after all, the biggest shopping day of the year so why not take advantage of it? Many people go to the malls, but more and more are sitting at home on their computers or mobile devices…adding items to their shopping carts. Why not your book? If you have a marketing plan in place, here are some obvious dates to take advantage of over the holidays — when people are in a buying mood!

But first, relax…

Thursday, November 24:

Thanksgiving Day.

Eat up, and enjoy family and friends. (gobble, gobble)

Friday, November 25:

Black Friday

Everyone is in a buying mood!

Your potential readers are thinking, “Yeah! I want some deals, but I hate going to the mall.”

Action: Send an email to them on this day

Offer them a discount! Who doesn’t love a great deal?

Saturday, November 26:

National Small Business Saturday

Action: If you’re a small business, then you want to tap into this movement.

You can support other small businesses too, by shopping locally at small independent businesses. Support your local economy.

Monday, November 28:

Cyber Monday!

Yeah, more good deals, especially for those shopping online.

Action: Why not join in the fun? Send an email. Post on social media. You could offer two-for-one deals on physical books from your website. You could offer discounted prices. You could offer free copies when they sign up for your email list. Options are endless!

December 21 – 24:

Oh Oh. Still have some people to buy for. What am I going to get my mom’s sister? What about my brother’s wife…my sister-in-law? This is where you offer last-minute options…quick!

Action: Send an email. Include a link to Amazon — right to your book page. Books make a great stocking stuffer! Easy peasy! Or, remind them that e-books require no shipping, so they will get your gift right on time.

December 26:

Best deals of the year. This is when all the really big sales happen, and it’s a good time for you to sell your books and other products too.

Action: You could run ads promoting your book to get a share of the gift card redemption dollars. Post to social media, email your readers to take advantage of your great offer.

The month of January:

If you have a diet, fitness, or cookbook, this is the time to sell it. Or any book offering a New You in the New Year.

Action: Send an email to your list with the benefits to the readers of your book.

Hopefully, this list gives you some great ideas for selling your book. Maybe it will inspire you to come with even more amazing offers to your potential readers. Have fun with it! And Happy Holidays!

Just for fun, take my How Media Savvy Are You Assessment and see how you do!

To your success!


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