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The Book Cover Reveal for Authors

When it comes to publishing a book, strategies abound in terms of promoting it. I thought it might be helpful to focus on one today called the Cover Reveal, which is a popular book strategy

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Book Trailers for Authors

For years now, book trailers have been a popular staple for authors and publishers alike when it comes to marketing and publicizing books. These short videos are designed to showcase the book’s cover, premise, and

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How To Promote Your Books Using TikTok

First of all, Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Spring! Happy Sunday! However you celebrate, I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. This week I have been thinking about more ways to promote our books, including

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How To Do An Instagram Live

Happy Spring!! Spring is all about new beginnings. We have new baby animals and birds, the flowers and plants in the garden start their journey to the light and the sun, and it’s a good

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