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How to Stand Up and Stand Out: Building your Visibility through Media Megaphone

Here’s what I’ve been pondering lately…
Never before in the history of the world has it been so easy to stand up. The trick is, when it comes to your business, how are you going to stand out? Hint: It isn’t about how loud you are. Whether you’re an author, speaker, consultant, coach, real estate agent, or whatever, anyone can build a platform and create a business these days, providing he or she has a good idea and a market to tap into. But with all of these new competitors (or niche mates, as I like to call them), the question becomes, “How are you different? What is unique about you? How do you stand out?”

Knowing the answer to these questions is key.
Once you are clear on who you are and how you’re different, you can begin to successfully market yourself and generate visibility. Now it becomes essential that you understand media and how to tap into its power.

For a long time, the terms “old media” and “new media” were used to describe the different types of media. “Old Media” referred to traditional media offline. New Media was used to describe media online. However, we have outgrown these distinctions now. They have become passé as I think you’d be very hard pressed to find a magazine that didn’t have an online component, or a television station that didn’t have a website showing clips from their news or daily talk shows.

The important distinction to understand now, which will guide you toward greater success, is to realize we’re now dealing with “Other Media” and “You Media”. “Other Media” is anytime someone else interviews you for a story or segment. It could be a journalist, writer, blogger, television producer or radio host.  “You Media” is all the media content generation that you do. It’s your video, audio podcasts, webinars, teleseminars, articles you write, blog posts you do.

And here is the key: Before you even think of going after “Other Media” you need to have your “You Media” or platform in place first. Once you pitch other media, they are going to come looking for you, and if they have trouble finding you, they will think you are dead. They will then move onto someone else.

Here are a few of the important items to have in place for your platform:

·         Website or blog, with a page specifically for media

·         Active social media accounts, but only where you market is found (There is much you can ignore.)

·         Video. Many people are overwhelmed with all there is to read, but many, particularly visual types, will click on a           video to watch and listen

·         Audio podcasts that talk about your business and the problems you solve. Auditory people love this option.

·         Email lists to market to

·         Opt-in page to capture visitors on your website or blog so that you can continue to market to them.

Beyond your platform, get media training (which is something I am very happy to say I provide). You don’t want to be the person who blows his or her brand in six seconds by posting a bad video on Facebook. If you’re going to use the multiple media platforms at our fingertips, use them well.

If you have questions on visibility, publicity, marketing, and media training, come to my complimentary Q&A calls every second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. Click the link to opt in and I’ll send you all the juicy details.

Looking forward to hearing about your business, project, book or event.
Warmly, Joanne

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