December: Can You only Market and Publicize Your Book with a Tie-in into the Holidays?

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Most think when it comes to promoting your book during the month of December that it’s all about the holidays. While it’s true that the holidays are the focus of December, there is more going on than just that. Did you know….

…December is National Write a Business Plan Month? This month has been designated for getting out of your cubicle and turning your business ideas into reality. It’s also a great time for business owners and entrepreneurs to do some reflection of the entire year, and then prepare a plan for the next year to launch in January.

…December is International Impaired Driving Prevention Month.

It’s Food Service Safety Month.

And it’s Bingo’s birthday month, meaning it’s time to celebrate the innovation and manufacture of the game of Bingo in 1929 by Edwin S. Lowe.

If you can tie-in your book and expertise into any of the above-mentioned events, you can conceivably get some media attention for it. After all, even though it’s the holidays, people want to hear about more (and most media folks want to cover more) than only holiday-related stuff. (Think back to the weeks and days leading up to the election. Weren’t there times when you would have given anything to hear about something OTHER than the election? …Nuff said.)

And, if you have a direct tie-in to the holidays, hooray for you! The three big issues people are always interested in are as follows:

·         Money

·         Health

·         Relationships

Money can include: saving for the holidays, how to cut the budget for the holidays, how to meet your gift list without breaking the bank. Then after the holidays, how to get out of debt from the season of giving.

Health can include: How to enjoy the holidays — stress-free! Or, How to enjoy the foods you love over the holidays, and not gain any weight.

Relationships might include: Are you planning a holiday wedding? Or how to get along with your crazy uncle Charlie who only wants to talk politics, or how to have a cozy, intimate holiday with the one you love.

You get the idea.

A lot happens in December. It’s the time to reflect on your business and on your life and prepare New Year Resolutions. Now, no matter how you feel about resolutions in general, it is a natural time for new beginnings, and that takes a little planning. Which reminds me…

I’m excited to share that I’ve been invited to be one of the guests at the “Creative Life Summit” Summit. Along with this invitation, I was offered the chance to extend to you a FREE front row ticket, so come join me…

Other guests you can hear from on the Summit include James Taylor, Jeffrey Shaw, Denise Jacobs, Chris Guillebeau, Samantha Bennett, Srinivas Rao, Ariel Hyatt, Jessie Shternshus, Jennifer Louden, Tosha Silver, Patti Clark, David B. Goldstein, Rolf Potts, Dr. Noa Kageyama, Fredrik Haren, Amanda Palmer, Warren Berger, Dr. Michael Glauser, Erik Wahl, SARK, Honoree Corder, Jason Kotecki, Debra Ruh, Sunni Brown, David Burkus, Paul Jarvis, Jessica Lark, Michael Hendrix of IDEO, Alan Iny of BGS, Lou Aronica, Leigh Stringer, Austin Hill Shaw. It’s going to be a blast.

Make 2017 your most creative year ever. And believe me, creativity goes way beyond the right-brain artist type. Creativity in business is essential in this day and age!!

To your success!

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