Positioning Yourself as an Expert and Owning It

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In my career I have the pleasure of working with some of the best in the business…the best authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, experts. And do you know what? Sometimes even the best succumb to their self doubts. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, they take immediate steps to get back into the right state of mind in order to do the job at hand. Here are a few of tips, tricks and strategies to get you back into owning your title as the expert when you’re feeling anxious:

Put your attention on someone else:

If you find yourself getting nervous prior to a television or video appearance, it’s usually because you’re thinking of all the people who are watching you and how you have to be perfect and say exactly the right things. Who can handle that kind of pressure?!

Instead, take a moment and only think of one person. Picture one of your best clients or potential clients and simply speak directly to him or her. Focus on what you are there to give them, how you are there to help. With this very simple shift, your focus is now on helping and giving to someone else, rather than being all concerned about your own performance. Instead ofbeing worried and involved with yourself, your energy is focused on someone else. It will move outward, rather than inward and that makes all the difference.

Step into yourself and own your expertise.  

If you are good and competent at what you do, then you know you are an expert in your field. Think of a time when you were at your very best. Maybe it was speaking to a large audience, perhaps it was one-on-one work with a client, or maybe appearing on a radio podcast or television show and you knew you were in the zone. See it in full detail in your mind. Be sure you’re associated looking through your own eyes. What are you hearing, seeing and feeling. Feel those feelings and see if you can intensify them. Step into that expertise and own it.

Ask others what they love about you and how you’re unique.

Take some time to ask your clients, friends and family members the following: “What it is about me that is special?” (Try to ignore feeling self conscious about asking this. It’s important for you to know, so think of it as research.) “What do I bring to the table that no one else really does? What is it about what I do that really impacts you?” Be sure and listen to the feedback. This is important to explore because we often don’t know our greatest strengths. They are so much a part of us that there is a tendency to think, “That? Oh, that’s nothing. Anyone can do that.” The truth is, not everyone can do that. YOU can do that, so make a note of it and consider using the information in your business. Then when you’re about to be in front of a camera, remember what others have said. Remember the uniqueness you bring. Feel that and own it.

Here’s short video on this ~ click here.


Those are just a few tips for coping with self doubt. I’ll be sharing more strategies from time-to-time because this issue comes up for people a great deal.

Remember: No one feels confident every hour of every day, but you do need to be confident at the times when it matters most. These tips will help you access the appropriate state of consciousness for what you’re doing. And, of course, competence is always required.

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To your success!

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