Attention and visibility for your book and/or business can be fun, exciting, exhilarating (and frustrating)!

Most don’t want to talk about the last part of that title, but it’s true. At times publicity and marketing can be frustrating and anxiety producing. Much like life…there are the highs and the lows… If your book’s message is timely and you have a killer pitch, you’re going to get media coverage. Sometimes A…

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New Year Resolutions for Book Marketing and Publicity — and Life in General

Have you ever given a presentation and received tons of praise and accolades, only to find yourself ruminating on the one person who was critical of you? We’ve all been there. Focusing on what’s wrong is easy. Think about it. All through school did teachers point out all the things you did right? Or did…

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Celebrating the Holidays

In celebration of the holidays, a simple wish from me to you, your family and friends.

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