Words are Important in Publishing, Marketing, and Publicity

I often hear the words marketing, publicity, promotions, public relations, advertising, and sales all used interchangeably, but they aren’t the same. It’s one thing if you’re simply speaking with a couple of friends, but if you’re working with people inside any of these industries, using the wrong word can spell big trouble and lots of…

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Tips for Successful Book Talks, Events, and Signings

Publishing houses scaled way back on traditional book tours for numerous reasons, not the least of which is because bookstores themselves are disappearing, and also because travel can be expensive and time-consuming. Unless you are a celebrity, a book tour is simply unlikely unless you set it up yourself. The good news is that there…

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Staying on Track with Your Publicity and Marketing Plans: Part 2

In my most recent blog post I stressed the importance of knowing when to take a break from book promotion, and then doing so. I also answered several FAQs regarding how to deal with overwhelm, what to do when you feel like your publicity and marketing efforts are stuck, and learning how to procrastinate procrastinating.…

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