Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Creating Video for Your Book

Video is becoming more and more popular all the time. Whether you’re creating a book trailer (which we talked about here), or you’re designing video snippets geared toward capturing the interest of your potential readers, there are a few things you should ask yourself before you begin creating the content.   You see, I am…

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Why Rejection Can Be a Good Thing

Welcome to Rejection. Stay Strong. I have been debating on which title to use for this issue. Other contenders include: Why Rejection in Book Publicity and Marketing can be a Good Thing What to do when your book pitch is rejected When No doesn’t Really Mean No Hearing NO can be the greatest challenge Hearing…

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Book Marketing and Publicity Countdown Checklist, Part 4

It’s one month prior to your book’s publication date. It’s getting very close now and you’re feeling the excitement and anticipation. This is when more action moves outward.   Email blast: It’s time to notify your editor and marketing department of the email blast date and number of recipients you will be contacting. If you’re…

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