Who Is The Media?

Media Studio Control Room

There have been many disruptions and transitions over the last 15-20 years with regard to media. The Internet, digital media, and social media have had a huge impact, and the very definition of media has changed many times and in significant ways. There’s no need …

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The Media Mindset

Empty TV studio set

Photo Credit: Joanne McCall Creating a media mindset is like preparing for any other important project, whether it’s getting ready to climb up a mountain (nice metaphor, don’t you think?), preparing for a vacation, taking on a new client, or getting yourself organized. To be …

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New Rules for Interviews

Interview Tips

Let’s talk media interviews and technology this week. There once was a day when almost all broadcast interviews had to be in-person and in-studio. With advances in technology, particularly regarding the improvement of audio and video reception, other options are available that are actually becoming …

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