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Language Matters

Emanating planet language

Language is such a funny thing because it morphs and changes, and what was once unacceptable becomes acceptable. Rules change over social groups, over time, generation-to-generation, and even within our own lives. Case in point “Irregardless” is a word now! Shocking, I know, but so …

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The Media Mindset

Empty TV studio set

Photo Credit: Joanne McCall Creating a media mindset is like preparing for any other important project, whether it’s getting ready to climb up a mountain (nice metaphor, don’t you think?), preparing for a vacation, taking on a new client, or getting yourself organized. To be …

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Getting Into Flow State with Book Publicity & Marketing

Sisters of Kintail, Scotland

Lots of people know about flow state, particularly after Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book called Flow was published in 1990.  If you have ever felt completely immersed in an activity, you might have been experiencing a mental state that psychologists refer to as flow. It’s a wonderful feeling during which …

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