How to Crack the Goodreads Code

Some know this, but many are blissfully unaware of a wonderful book platform called Goodreads. Goodreads is a fantastic tool for promoting books, but many don’t use its best features to get the best bang from it. Well, that’s about to come to an end. I had the privilege of interviewing Michelle Campbell Scott when…

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How To Get A Book Agent or How Does the Book Industry Work?

Whether you are a published author or simply thinking about writing a book, the question on whether to have an agent secure a publishing deal for you, or if you should self publish always comes up. Before making an informed decision, it’s helpful to have more information about it.   To that end, I conducted…

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Don’t Play Hard to Get with Book Marketing & Publicity

I’ve written about what to put in your media newsroom on your website before, so I won’t go into all those details now, although you can read more here.   As always, contact information not only important, it is essential. If you want to do media interviews, make it easy for journalists, reviewers, editors, producers,…

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