Know Thyself In Book Publicity & Marketing

Carrie Fisher, who you may remember as Princess Leia in Star Wars among other things, is credited with this quote: “Instant gratification takes too long.” I’m sure many of us have felt that way at times. In a world where so many seem to be having so much success, “Why am I not at that huge…

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Happy Happy; Merry Merry

Whatever you celebrate this time of year, I want to take a moment to wish you peace, love and joy. May you and your loved ones feel safe, happy, warm, and grateful for all that we have. Until next year, Joanne P.S. I remember going to bed on New Year’s eve and my parents saying,…

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Influencer Marketing for Book and Authors: Offer Suggestions

A Moment of Thanks… Here in the United States was Thanksgiving week. It’s a time when the harvest is in and it’s time to celebrate. It’s time to be thankful for all the good things we have in our lives, and while many tend to eat a wee bit more than usual, it really is…

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