Publicity for your Book, Business, and its Message when there is Breaking News

When it comes to publicity, timing is everything. This has been quite an amazing week having just survived a challenging (and sometimes nasty) election season, topped off with some unexpected results. No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, there were some big surprises. Early in the day on November 8th, I made this…

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The Number One Thing Experts Do Wrong

We are continuing with our series on How to be a Media Darling in the Digital Age. As I’ve mentioned before, publicity for your book or business comes in three stages:  Before landing the interview After you’ve landed it — now what? After the interview We already spoke about honing your message. Now we’re looking…

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Time is on your side…Yes it is.

It’s hard to believe it is almost the Fourth of July. We’ve all heard the old saying that “time marches on” and that’s because it is so true. If you don’t have a platform for your business, book, service of cause, then you need to begin building one, and there is no better time than…

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